visionOS Code Samples

Hello World

Windows, Spaces and Volumes

World in visionOS: It represents the infinite 3D space users interact with in a visionOS app.

Key characteristics:

Content types in the world:

Designing for the world:

In essence, "World" is the foundation of the user experience in visionOS. It provides the canvas for building immersive and interactive spatial computing applications.

Destination Video

Leverage 3D video and Spatial Audio to deliver an immersive experience.

Destination Video is a multi-platform video playback app designed for visionOS, iOS, and tvOS. It offers a familiar media browsing experience while leveraging unique features of visionOS to create a more immersive way to watch videos.

Key features:

Provides a familiar video browsing and playback experience across supported platforms.

visionOS enhancements: When used within visionOS, Destination Video offers:

Overall, Destination Video demonstrates how existing apps can be adapted for visionOS by leveraging its platform-specific features to deliver a more engaging user experience, particularly through its immersive capabilities.

Happy Beam

Leverage a Full Space to create a fun game using ARKit.

Happy Beam is a sample application built for visionOS that showcases using hand tracking and spatial features to create a fun and interactive game experience.


Technical highlights:

Overall, Happy Beam serves as a practical example for developers to learn how to build interactive multiplayer games using visionOS features like ARKit hand tracking and shared experiences.


Design scenes for your visionOS app using Reality Composer Pro.

Purpose: The Diorama app showcases how to create an interactive, virtual topographical trail map within a visionOS environment.


Technical aspects:

Key takeaway: The Diorama sample serves as a learning resource for developers interested in building interactive and visually appealing 3D experiences within the visionOS platform.

Swift Splash

Use RealityKit to create an interactive ride in visionOS.

Swift Splash (Every Complex Example of visionOS)

Swift Splash is an example project that demonstrates building an interactive virtual experience using RealityKit and Reality Composer Pro on visionOS.

Functionality: Users can build a virtual water slide by assembling modular pieces and then run a virtual goldfish through it.

Technical Breakdown:

Key concepts:

User Interaction:

Overall, Swift Splash showcases techniques for building interactive 3D experiences on visionOS using RealityKit and Reality Composer Pro.